Awning Window Features

  • Structural Construction
  • 4 1/2″ PVC Welded Frame
  • Multi-Chamber Construction
  • Double-Glazed Low-E Argon Gas
  • Triple Weather Seals
  • Tremco® EnerEDGE® Warm-Edge Spacer
  • Interior Wood Extension cladded with PVC
  • Integrated Brickmould
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Dual Arm Truth Maxim® Operator for Sashes over 22″
  • Truth Encore® Folding Handle
  • NOVA© Multi-Point Lock
  • Smooth Edge, “One-Click”, Easy-to-Remove Screen
Awning Windows - Structural Construction

Structural Construction

Instead of being built in modules with each section glued or screwed to another like most multi-paneled windows sold, our windows come in one solid frame. That makes it stronger and more durable. It also provides better protection against air and water leakage as well as more glass area and less frame.

Awning Windows - 4 1/2″ PVC Welded Frame

4 1/2″ PVC Welded Frame

The 4 1/2″ frame provides more strength and durability than the more common 3 1/4″ frame other window manufacturers would offer. This frame which is larger enables the thermal pane to be installed closer to the inside of the house allowing a higher thermal protection as well as a stronger window.

Awning Windows - Multi-Chamber Construction

Multi-Chamber Construction

Higher thermal protection and more strength resulting in a more durable window are possible with our multi-chamber construction.

Awning Windows - Double-Glazed Low-E Argon Gas

Double-Glazed Low-E Argon Gas

For superior levels of energy saving and home comfort as well as UV rays protection, our double-glazed glass units are Energy Star® certified.

Awning Windows - Triple Weather Seals

Triple Weather Seals

Wrapping completely the window, our seal counts three continuous layers of co-extruded flexible PVC, providing the highest level of protection from air and water infiltration.

Awning Windows - Tremco® EnerEDGE® Warm-Edge Spacer

Tremco® EnerEDGE® Warm-Edge Spacer

Tremco® EnerEDGE® Warm-edge spacer system is highly durable and possesses a lower thermal conductivity value. This results in superior thermal performance when compared to the traditional, standard aluminum spacer bar.

Awning Windows - Interior Wood Extension cladded with PVC

Interior Wood Extension cladded with PVC

Easy installation of blinds, greater window strength and durability are possible with our interior wood cladding.

Awning Windows - Integrated Brickmould

Integrated Brickmould

Our intergrated brickmould comes as a part of the window allowing a greater window finish and lower chances of water and air leakage, due to the absence of caulking and capping.

Awning Windows - High Gloss Finish

High Gloss Finish

For an optimum gloss PVC finish, we rely on maximum grade PVC powder and high fabrication savoir-faire. This allows us to offer durable windows that are very easy to clean.

Awning Windows - Dual Arm Truth Maxim® Operator for Sashes over 22″

Dual Arm Truth Maxim® Operator for Sashes over 22″

Not screwed on top of the sash as in most sashes today, our integrated integrated sash latch is moulded into it. Offering a modern look, it also decreases damage probability of the latch.

Awning Windows - Truth Encore® Folding Handle

Truth Encore® Folding Handle

Our standard True Maxim folding handle is not only chic, it also offers security in folding without affecting window coverings use.

Awning Windows - NOVA© Multi-Point Lock

NOVA© Multi-Point Lock

The NOVA© Multi-point locking system is the most advanced and adaptable solution on the market. With a removable handle and cover, it offers optimized security, immense flexibilty, and effortless operation.

Awning Windows - Smooth Edge, “One-Click”, Easy-to-Remove Screen

Smooth Edge, “One-Click”, Easy-to-Remove Screen

There is not an easier screen to use than our “One Click” screen. With their nice looking aluminum smooth edge, no wrap or break can happen.

Awning Window Profile Styles

Our Energy Star® High Efficiency rated awning windows are offered in three profile styles:

Awning Window RevoCell mPVC Profile

RevoCell mPVC Profile

The solid-core Nordik RevoCell™ window is made with microcellular PVC (mPVC) containing billions of microscopic cells which gives our new window frame a stronger structure and guarantees better efficiency and performance.

Awning Window Classic Profile

Classic Profile

The Classic Profile offers the optimal combination of low maintenance and high performance. In addition, you get the elegance and timeless appearance of a soft and traditional looking window.

Awning Window Symphony Profile

Symphony Profile

The Symphony Profile offers the same performance and low maintenance qualities as the Classic Profile, but adds a more contemporary feel.

Add Colour with Hybrid PVC and Aluminum Windows

Two options are provided to you in our Energy Star® certified windows: classic white PVC for the higher energy efficiency rating or Hybrid PVC and Aluminum to allow you to choose from five different colours. You will have a triple seal weather stripping for optimum of airtight fit as well as a sleek Encore operating crank for smooth and effortless opening. Moreover, for a top security, you will have a single pull-down multi-point lock.

Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in Ivory


Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in Ivory


Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in Khaki


Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in Commercial Brown


Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in Black


Hybrid PVC / Aluminum Awning Windows in White

Add Style with Grilles

Each windowpane will have its own look through its grilles. Depending on the style of your building, you can choose the grill that fits best.

Grille Configurations

Contour Grille Option


Our suggestion would be classic contour for vintage looking homes.

Rectangular Grille Option


Rectangular is used as a standard grill for homes built from 1970.

Partial Covering Grille Option

Partial Covering

For more modern homes, partial covering is the new elegant trend.

Diamond Patterned Grille Option

Diamond Patterned

The diamond grill is a tribute to the craftsmanship of the houses of the colonial times.

Grille Types

Many grille shapes and materials are available for you to choose the ones that match your taste and the look of your home.

Slimline Grilles - Pewter


Slimline Grilles - Pewter
Slimline Grilles - Brass
Georgian Grilles - White


Georgian Grilles - White
Georgian Grilles - Ivory
Georgian Grilles - Khaki
Georgian Grilles - Brown
Georgian Grilles - Black
Rectangular Grilles - White


Rectangular Grilles - White
Rectangular Grilles - Ivory
Rectangular Grilles - Khaki
Rectangular Grilles - Brown
Rectangular Grilles - Black

Choose a Glass Finish for Customized Lighting and Privacy

Light will always penetrate in case you choose textured or coloured glass for privacy or for an elegant look.

Clear Glass Finish


Bronze Glass Finish


Grey Glass Finish


Frosted Glass Finish


Gluechip Glass Finish


Energy Efficient Awning Windows

The manufacturing process of all Energy Star® certified awning windows sold by Lambden Window & Door are audited by an independent accredited certification body and approved by Natural Resources Canada. Our windows and doors carry the Energy Star® label showing the specific climate zone for they are rated for. Our sales team would be happy to provide you with more information about the Energy Star® ratings of our windows and doors.

Lambden Window & Door' awning windows use Tremco® EnerEDGE® Technology, a pre-desiccated, ready-to-apply, cellular silicone warm-edge spacer that is suitable for a wide range of insulating glass constructions in fenestration applications. EnerEDGE® spacer is inset and applied to our glass lite’s perimeter to enable fabrication of dual IG units inconjunction with a quality applied perimeter sealant.

Lambden’s Awning Window Ratings

Type Air Water Wind ER Reference Number
PVC A3 B7 C5 31 NR6681-5649467-ES
Hybrid A3 B7 C5 30 NR6681-7921145-ES
Energy Star® Rated High Efficiency Our Energy Star® awning windows are rated for several different climates.

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