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Lambden Window & Door and the Verdun family of companies.

Lambden timeline. 1982: Creation by Grant Lambden in his garage. 1988: Grew to move to the Bennett location. 1994: New expansion moving to current location. 2015: Joined the Verdun Group.

Lambden Window and Door is not only a company. It’s the story of a man who believed in his skills and who worked hard to provide amazing products and services. It is also the story of a family acquiring these great skills and products. Indeed, the Verdun Group adopted Lambden Window & Door because their values and goals were the same: delivering high level of customer service, top quality products, no bull 25 year long warranty and largest team of professional installers as well as manufacturing locally.

The Verdun Group, initially Verdun Windows and Doors, has been proudly serving the Ottawa region in replacement windows and doors since 1982. The client experience from the first contact to after the delivery is the most important and the entire team works hard to provide full satisfaction. Moreover, Lambden Window and Door strongly believes in 4 core principles:

  • Integrity: Reputation and trust self value. It is at the base of the company.
  • Honesty: No lies, at all. Be trusted like trusting.
  • Efficiency: Easy and great. In selling, manufacturing, installing, providing warranty and support.
  • Accuracy: Clear like water. There is one version to what is promised, your satisfaction.

What’s next? Growing the Verdun Group but also growing Lambden Window & Door, keeping promises and aiming to always better.

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