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Lambden Window & Door and the Verdun family of companies.

Lambden timeline. 1982: Creation by Grant Lambden in his garage. 1988: Grew to move to the Bennett location. 1994: New expansion moving to current location. 2015: Joined the Verdun Group.

Lambden Window and Door is not only a company, it is the story of Grant Lambden, a man who who believed in quality workmanship and products that lasted. The Verdun Group adopted Lambden Window & Door because their goals and values were aligned: delivering a high level of customer service, superior products, and a no-bull 25 year warranty.

The Verdun Group, initially Verdun Windows and Doors, has been proudly serving the Ottawa region in replacement windows and doors since 1982. The client experience; from first contact to post installation is priority number one. Our team works hard to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

Lambden Window and Door core principles:

  • Integrity: Reputation and trust self value. It is at the base of the company.
  • Honesty: No lies, at all. Be trusted like trusting.
  • Efficiency: Easy and great. In selling, manufacturing, installing, providing warranty and support.
  • Accuracy: Clear like water. There is one version to what is promised, your satisfaction.
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